Bacula-Web 7.4.0 available now

2017-05-08 13:32 by Davide (comments: 0)

I am really happy to announce Bacula-Web 7.4.0 (minor feature, maintenance and bug fix release

What's new ?

Required PHP version

As of Bacula-Web 7.4.0, your server will need at least PHP version 5.6.0

You can verify your PHP version using the test page or with your operating system package manager( apt, rpm, zypper, yum, etc.)

Custom date / time format

You can now customize the format of each date / time in Bacula-Web configuration file.

Have a look on the configuration section in the documentation for more details

Jobs reports

The jobs report page now include more job levels for Verify jobs (see list below)

  • InitCatalog
  • Catalog
  • VolumeToCatalog
  • DiskToCatalog
  • Data

Scheduled time has been added to the job details

Jobs can now be filtered by Pool

Pools and volumes report

The InChanger detail has been added to each volume present in a physical/virtual library

Signature files

Since few weeks now, you are able to verify the integrity of Bacula-Web compressed archive by using the SHA256 or SHA512 signature files.
For more explanations on how to use these, please read the documentation


As usual, many code improvements and code cleanup

If you need more details about this new release, check the download page


Fresh installation

Nothing has changed, Bacula-Web is still easy to install by following the installation guide


Upgrading Bacula-Web to the latest version is very simple, please use the upgrade guide from the documentation.

Download latest version

Latest version of Bacula-Web is available in the download page

Bugs and features report

If you encounter a bug or you would like to see a new feature in Bacula-Web, feel free to register on the bug tracker and fill a bug/feature request.


If you have any question or remark, feel free to send me an email to bacula-dev [at] dflc [dot] ch

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