Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc2 released

2018-03-02 19:04 by Davide (comments: 0)

I'm happy to announce that Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc2 is available.

This is the second release candidate for next major version 8.0.0.

This version is quiet stable but I would recommend to use it with cautions in a production environment.

What's new ?

  • General
    • Users authentication feature added
  • Test page
    • Check if application/assets/protected is writable
  • User and general settings
    • Users can reset their password
    • Possibility to add more users from general settings page
  • Security
    • Fixed many SQL injection and XSS vulnerabilities (see fixed bugs)
  • Development
    • Large amount of code improvment and cleanup
    • Upgrade moment/moment to version 2.19.2
    • Add Bootstrap validator to Composer's requirements

More details about this release can be found in the Download page.

What next ?

There will be probably one or two release candidates before the final major release (version 8.0.0)

For more details, please have a look at Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc3 roadmap.


A big milestone has been reached with Bacula-Web project as the documentation is now hosted by

Bacula-web 8.0.0-rc2 documentation is available using the link below.

Download latest version

Latest version of Bacula-Web is available in the download page

Bugs and features report

If you encounter a bug or you would like to see a new feature in Bacula-Web, feel free to register on the bug tracker and fill a bug/feature request.

Have a look at the bug and feature request chapter in the documentation

Thanks to the community

I would like to warmly thank all those who contributed to this new version.

Special thanks to Gustavo Sorondo to raised several XSS and SQL injection issues, and to help me fixing these.


If you have any question or remark, feel free to send me an email to bacula-dev [at] dflc [dot] ch

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