Bacula-Web project status update

2014-01-20 19:44 by Davide (comments: 0)

Dear all,

Here's a quick post just to keep you inform about what's in the "pipe" of Bacula-Web project

Next version

Within the next few weeks, you can expect a new version which will fix some bugs.
Then, another "big" release will come which include new useful features.

Git source repository

Since few weeks from now, the source code of Bacula-Web is available through (GitList)
As several people requested asked to have access to latest version, I'm planning to publish another tool to publish the git repo.
This will facilitate patches submission from the community.

Git repo url is (user: anonymous / password: same as username)

Project web site

In order to improve the project web site for the community, I've plan to change a bit the web site design and  update some part of the documentation.

Hope you'll appreciate ...

Thanks for using and supporting Bacula-Web

Best regards


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