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2015-01-20 13:29 by Davide (comments: 1)

Long time has passed since the last time I communicated about Bacula-Web project, and I'm sorry for that (really too busy).

But for those who a keeping an eye on this project, here's some useful informations about next version of Bacula-Web.

What's included in this version

Minor improvements have been done on the web user interface and, major efforts have been made in order to provide a clean, secure and stable source code.

Bacula-Web version 7.0.2 include not less than 13 bugfixes, including 3 majors issues.

Unfortunately, as this version is a maintenance/bugfixes release, there's no new feature included.
But next version, which is expected to be 7.1.0, will include many new features that I'm sure, you'll enjoy.

PHP Support

As of next version (Bacula-Web 7.0.2), PHP prior version 5.3 will not be supported anymore.

The minimum required version will be 5.3.4.

Project development roadmap

For those who are interested by what would be included in next releases, please have a look on the Mantis BT roadmap

Feedbacks and questions

As usual, any questions, remarks or feedbacks are more than welcome by mail ;)

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Comment by Davide | 2015-01-22

The version is pretty much ready ... it'll be available, worst case, tomorrow p.m

Best regards

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