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2014-11-03 11:48 by Davide (comments: 1)

About next release

It's been a long time without update and I'm really sorry for this.

I've been working hard to provide a "better" Bacula-Web to the community over the last weeks/month and here's below a short update about what you should expect from next version (version 7.0.0).

New design

The look and feel of Bacula-Web have been totaly reviewed.

I've decided to stop spending time and energy on CSS and Javascript and start using Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

A screenshot of the new Dashboard is available below.

Dashboard in version 7.0.0

Fixed bugs / new features

The roadmap for version 7.0.0 is available on the Mantis Bug Tracker trough the link below.
Bacula-Web roadmap


As usual, any comments, feedbacks or questions are welcome ...

Simply drop me an emal to

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Comment by Fantastic :) | 2014-11-12

Cool, this is really great news. I like that there is a switch to Javascript :) Looking forward to it.

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