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Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc1

After few months of development, I’m happy to announce that Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc1 is available.

This version is a release candidate for next major version 8.0.0, which is quiet stable but I would not suggest to use it in a production environment.


  • General
    • PHPLot has been replaced by NVD3
    • Use Composer for libs dependencies and installation (Bacula-Web is available on
    • Directors report – New directors report page display high level statistics of all configured Bacula directors
    • Console – New console PHP script allow you to create Apache/nGinx basic authentication (more features will come)
  • Dashboard
    • Last period jobs, stored bytes and stored files on take backup jobs
    • Jobs completed with errors are now displayed in last period job status widget
    • Backup job and client report are now available from top drop-down menu
    • New Clients jobs total widget display statistics for backup and restore jobs
    • New Weekly jobs statistics widget display stored bytes and files of each day of the week
  • Jobs report – Filter jobs by type
    • Reset filter and options using the <Reset to defautl> button
  • Pools and volumes report
    • Split into two specific reports page (pool and volumes)
  • Volumes
    • Display an icon for each volumes which vary depending volume status
    • You can sort volumes by name, id, jobs and bytes from now
  • Backup job report
    • Display only backup jobs (was showing restore or other jobs before)
    • You can now choose between 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month for period
  • Client report
    • You can now choose between 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month for period
    • Fixed client details for MS Windows file daemons
  • Documentation
    • Documentation got cleaned up, restructured and updated
  • Development
    • Remove static php class with PDO
    • Large amount of code improvement and cleanup
    • Use Composer autoloader
    • Improve application exception handling
    • Add CodeClimate for CI
    • DateTimePicker updated to version 4.17.47
    • Bootstrap updated to version 3.3.7
    • FontAwesome updated to version 4.7.0
    • Smarty-Gettext updated to version 1.2.0
Fixed bugs
  • 0000177 [bug-html] graphing overlap on index.php
  • 0000196 [bug] after install bacula web , the test page is OK but the index page returns errors
  • 0000206 [bug-php] Expired and period fields do not use custom date format
  • 0000212 [bug-php] Backup job report page should only display backup jobs
  • 0000214 [bug-php] Last used volumes widget in Dashboard display unused volumes
  • 0000224 [bug-php] PHP notice in client report for Windows clients
New features
  • 0000002 [feature] Use icon for volume status
  • 0000005 [feature] Volumes sort order
  • 0000088 [feature] View with Multiple Catalog
  • 0000129 [feature] Allow disabling some types of backup jobs
  • 0000155 [feature] Display Completed jobs with errors in Dashboard
  • 0000173 [feature] Choose different period for Backup job report
  • 0000181 [feature] Filter jobs by Type on Job Reports page
  • 0000197 [feature] Add Client and Week size
  • 0000199 [feature] Include a Kind of JobTotals
  • 0000210 [feature] Add a “reset to default” option in Jobs report page
  • New Catalan, Belorussian and Polish languages
  • All languages have been updated from Transifex

Don’t forget that as of Bacula-Web version 7.1.1, all language translations are hosted on
If you want to help translating in your language, please follow translation guide.

  • 0000198 [documentation] Pb with symlink in .tgz ??
  • 0000208 [documentation] Error assigning owner to config.php
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