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Bacula-Web 8.0.0

I’m really pleased to announce that Bacula-Web 8.0.0 has been released.

This is the latest stable version of Bacula-Web.

What’s new ?

Version 8.0.0 includes a lot of changes since version 7.4.0.

Please see release notes below for all the details.


  • General
    • Breadcrumbs navigation has been fixed
    • Application error/exception look and feel have been improved
    • PHP Posix support is now required
  • Development
    • Large amount of code improvement and cleanup
  • Documentation
    • Add user settings and general settings in features
    • Documentation got cleaned up, restructured and updated
Fixed bugs
  • 0000234 [bug-php] Directors report page problem if a Bacula catalog is unreachable
  • 0000241 [bug-php] Breadcrumbs navigation is broken
  • 0000161 [enhancement] Improve application errors/warnings exception message
  • 0000222 [enhancement] Improve exception handling

Previous release candidate versions

Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc3 – release notes

Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc2 – release notes

Bacula-Web 8.0.0-rc1 – release notes

For a full change log, have a look at Bacula-Web project on GitHub


Bacula-web 8.0.0 documentation is available using the link below.

Install / upgrade

Install / upgrade instructions are available in the online Bacula-Web documentation

Bugs and features report

You’ve found a bug ?

The documentation miss something or is unclear ?

You need a new feature ?

Feel free to sign in and create a bug report in Bacula-Web bug tracker

More information about bug / new feature reporting can be found here


Thanks to all the people who contributed to this new release.


If you have any question or remark, feel free to send me an email to bacula-dev [at] dflc [dot] ch

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