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Bacula-Web 8.1.0

I’m really pleased to announce that Bacula-Web 8.1.0 has been released.

This is a minor feature and bug fix release.


Bacula-web 8.1.0 documentation is available using the link below.


  • General
    • Jobs overview, volumes and pools report pages can now be paginated
    • the config option <jobs_per_page> is not used anymore, it will not be
      visible anymore in General settings page
    • Link to GitHub project added to header menu
    • New tool bwc (Bacula-Web console). User authentication back-end is now setup by the user after installation
      More details here
    • For people using Apache web server, mod_rewrite is part of requirement
    • Jobs, Pools and Volumes report pages are now paginated
    • Pie charts now does not display value with decimal
  • Jobs report page
    • Jobs with duration > 1 day now display correct duration
    • Disabled link to backup job report if job type is not backup
    • Add missing status (Verify found differences) for Verify jobs
  • Test page
    • Remove useless test for pear-db
  • Volumes report
    • Add missing status icon for “Used” and “Purged” volumes
    • New: Filter volumes which are in the changer (library)
    • New: Filter volumes by pool
  • Settings
    • Fixed “General” and “Users” tabs
  • Documentation
    • Add missing permissions steps in “Install from archive” chapter
    • General improvements and content update
    • Update final step (use of Bacula-Web console)
    • Fixed/updated instruction for permissions in <Install from archive> chapter
  • Development
    • Add datatables/datables Composer requirement
    • Update JQuery from version 3.2.1 to 3.3.1
    • Update moment/moment from version 2.20.1 to 2.22.2
    • Update Symfony/process from version 3.4.4 to 3.4.12
    • General code improvements

Fixed bugs

  • 0000220 [bug-php] Pie charts values should not use decimal
  • 0000251 [bug-php] Job duration > 1 day looking weird
  • 0000252 [documentation] Missing permissions steps in Install from archive chapter
  • 0000264 [bug-php] Only see volume status icon when status is append
  • 0000268 [bug] Problem using job name link if not backup job
  • 0000269 [bug-php] Status icon not displayed for verify jobs
  • 0000270 [bug-html] Tabs doesn’t work in Settings page

New feature(s)

  • 0000141 [feature] Pagination in report pages
  • 0000244 [feature] Filter volumes in changer
  • 0000263 [feature] Filter volumes by pool on Volumes report

This release fix 7 bugs and add 3 new features

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