About the project

Bacula-Web provide a nice way to monitor and create reports for bacula backup server.
Main features


Bacula-Web Dashboard provide an overview of your Bacula jobs, volumes, pools, catalog statistics, amount of Bytes/Files protected by Bacula, etc.

Multi-catalog support

No need to install Bacula-Web twice or more, you can monitor as many as you need Bacula directors from a single place

Reporting and monitoring

Bacula-Web offer different reports to monitor jobs, pools, volumes, clients, backup jobs and even more

Responsive web UI

Bacula-Web use Bootstrap framework and behave very well on your smartphone, tablets or your desktop

Users authentication

Authenticate users (enabled by default) in order to protect any sensitive data collected from Bacula catalog

How to get help

GitHub issues

I’d be glad to help you fixing any potential issue you are facing.

Before submitting an issue

Submitting an issue

Please use Bacula-Web issues on GitHub and fill as much details as you can (a GitHub issue template is here to help)


You may find an answer from the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section available on the official documentation website.

Note: the FAQ content is still a work in progress, but any contribution from the community is more than welcome