Bacula-Web 8.6.2

I’m pleased to announce that Bacula-Web 8.6.2 has been released.

This is a bugfix release which mainly address an issue introduced in previous release (v8.6.1 ).

For more details, please see the release notes

Release notes

Bacula-Web 8.6.2 release notes


Bacula-Web release 8.6.2 Composer package, and sha signature files are available using the link below

Install / Upgrade

Please follow installation or upgrade guides

Bacula-Web documentation is kindly hosted by ReadTheDocs <3


This release has been tested using PHP versions 7.3 and 7.4 on

  • Debian 11 (bullseye)
  • Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa)

How to get help ?

You can submit a new bug report or feature request on the GitHub project

Please use Github discussions to ask a question or give a feedback


I’d like to thanks all contributors for your feedbacks, help and precious contributions. Without you, this release wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks for using and supporting Bacula-Web project