Web Site Update

Quick update for Bacula-Web website

Just a quick update about Bacula-Web project website

Since July 2021, Bacula-Web website has been moved from Jekyll to Hugo .

I took the decision to move from Jekyll as I wasn’t really happy with it and found that Hugo is much easier to maintain and give me more time to focus on other aspects of Bacula-Web project, like new releases and bugfixes :).

I’m still working hard to import old content which used to be available while the website was running on WordPress, I’ll try to update current website asap.

As Bacula-Web Github issues refer to several bug reports/feature requests mentioned in the previous MantisBT, I have in my “TODO” list a task to bring back Mantis bug tracker, but it will be in read-only mode only. I’ll keep the community updated soon.

Hope you’ll enjoy it !