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Bacula-Web is an open source project that anyone in the community can use, improve, and enjoy. We'd love you to join us! Here's a few ways to find out what's happening and get involved.


Welcome to the Bacula-Web project community page

I’m really proud to tell to people that Bacula-Web project is a free and open source (FOSS ) project released under GPL v2 license

Bacula-Web = FOSS + +

Community users can contribute in many ways to the Bacula-Web project.

Like by …

  • using the latest release of Bacula-Web and providing feedbacks and ideas for the next features
  • submitting bug reports and/or giving some feedbacks on discussions
  • creating pull requests on Bacula-Web GitHub project
  • updating current translations (see Bacula-Web project on Transifex )
  • helping to fix or update current documentation ( through new issue creation or submitting a pull request)
  • supporting the project by becoming a baker (see sponsor section below)

If you would like to become a contributor, you will find more information by reading the contribution guide

By sponsoring this project, you help encourage the efforts, as well as the development of new features.

A huge thanks to companies and people who already sponsored this project

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Huge thanks to JetBrains for his support on open source project

Support the project

Bacula-Web is free and open source software (FOSS ), I work on it on spare time, with the great help from the community users.

If you enjoy using Bacula-Web and would like to encourage the project efforts, please consider making a small donation using the buttons below.

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