Open source web based reporting and monitoring tool for Bacula®

Latest stable release

Important note

Bacula-Web prior version 8.0.0 suffer several SQL injection and XSS vulnerabilities (see CVE-2017-15367 for more details). I would strongly recommend you to use at least Bacula-Web 8.0.1.

A big thanks to Gustavo Sorondo for his help to fix those security issues.

If you still want to take the risk and use a prior version (which I strongly not recommend), you can download a previous version from Bacula-Web project on Github.

Support the project

Bacula-Web is available for free and released under GPLv2 license. But If you want to support and encourage Bacula-Web project efforts, you still have the possibility to make a small donation.

Thanks for your contribution and support 🙂

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