Open source web based reporting and monitoring tool for Bacula®

Bacula-Web 7.4.0

I am really happy to announce Bacula-Web 7.4.0 (minor feature, maintenance and bug fix release


  • General: Minimum PHP version is now 5.6, the test page have been updated accordingly
  • Jobs report: Include more Levels InitCatalog=V, Catalog=C, VolumeToCatalog=O, DiskToCatalog=d and Data=A (wanderleihuttel)
  • Jobs report: Align job name on the left (wanderleihuttel)
  • Jobs report: Add Job scheduled time (sgargel)
  • Backup job report: Fix “Backup job name” to “Job name” as there’s not only backup jobs in Bacula
Fixed bugs
  • 0000203 [bug-php] Ubuntu PHP version string problem
New features
  • 0000176 [feature] Custom date time format in config.php
  • 0000186 [feature] Add column “InChanger” in Volumes/Pool
  • 0000204 [enhancement] Provide SHA checksum for Bacula-Web compressed archive
  • 0000205 [feature] Filtering by pool on jobs report page


Bacula-web 7.4.0 documentation is available here.

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