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Bacula-Web 8.2.0

I’m really pleased to announce that Bacula-Web 8.2.0 has been released.

This is a minor feature and bug fix release.

Important note: Please note that next Bacula-Web release will remove support for PHP 5.6.
As stated on web site, PHP version 5.6 and prior has run out of support.
So for the sake of security, I encourage everyone to upgrade PHP at least to version 7.1.


Latest documentation is available using the link below or


  • General
    • Updated .htaccess adding Options +FollowSymLinks
    • Debug mode is now available (see #0271)
    • Error message arise if user auth backend is not ready and user authentication is enabled (see #0274)
  • Security
    • Smarty 3.x security issue – CVE-2018-13982 (see #0276)
      Bacula-Web is not impacted by this security issue
    • User authentication can now be disabled (see #0239)
  • Documentation
    • Fixed instructions to download tar.gz archive
    • Documentation have been improved with a good amount of fixes and improvements
    • Updated Composer manual installation (redirect to web site)
    • Upgrade paragraph has been fixed (see #0275)
    • Add missing package for RHEL/Centos 6 users (see #0283)
  • Development
    • Upgraded symfony/process to version 3.4.19
    • Upgraded smarty and Smarty-Gettext to components
    • Huge amount of PHP code improvements and fixes

Fixed bugs

  • 0000254 [bug-php] Warnings with PHP 7.0.27
  • 0000273 [documentation] Instructions to download archive not accurate
  • 0000274 [bug-design] Warn users if authentication back-end db does not exist
  • 0000275 [documentation] Fix incomplete documentation for upgrade
  • 0000276 [security-issue] Smarty – Fix CVE-2018-13982
  • 0000282 [documentation] Update outdated Composer installation
  • 0000283 [documentation] Update PHP package instructions for RHEL/Centos 6 users

New feature(s)

  • 0000239 [feature] Disable user authentication
  • 0000271 [feature] Add debug mode on application level

This release fix 7 bugs and add 2 new features

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